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The Rebuilding Dreams, Restoring Hope Project

Thank you for your continued support of Haiti ABC Foundation.  Generous individuals like you are the key to our success and ability to provide the children in Haiti with the valuable learning environment that they deserve.


Over the recent years, we have had the opportunity to impact many children’s lives:


  • July 2011 – Backpack Mission – 250 children at 2 schools received backpacks filled with everyday essentials including toiletries and school supplies.

  • August 2013 – We assisted with the reconstruction of the school, L'ecole Mix de Berrette, by providing the salaries of the laborers and providing lunch daily.

  • August 2014 – Sneaker Mission – We donated 320 pairs of brand new and lightly used sneakers to children in 2 schools.

  • July 2015 – completely renovated a school of 6 classrooms, including the installation of new furniture for the student and teachers.


In our upcoming mission, we will be visiting two schools to build out restrooms, as well as refurnish one of the locations. We will also provide each student with a backpack full of school supplies and personal hygiene products - putting smiles on the faces of more than 300 children! 

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